Friday, October 4, 2013

Balanced But Busy

Thursday afternoon and evening were crazy scheduled with my oldest's piano lesson followed by swim team practice...

While he swims, the girls and I play in the gym...

Followed by a soccer game under the lights. No pictures of that. Thursday night is definitely a crock pot night! Let me tell you that these kids are TIRED when they finally put their heads down on their pillows at night.

Friday afternoon was much less structured but also very busy today with seven kids here to play...

Open door policy at the craft closet led to the youngest kids creating water color, stamp, scissors and paper work with gusto!

The middles set up outside and immediately became lost in pretend play in the front yard.

And the oldest engaged in game after game of Blokus and Checkers.

I am grateful for the time when we are home and the kids are playing with friends to leisurely prepare pizza and salad fixings ahead of the dinner rush... Such a nice afternoon.

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  1. Sounds busy and rewarding! Blokus...I've heard of that but never played. Hmmm...

  2. Oh my, busy, but so much fun!!! Glad you are enjoying it. Hope your having a great weekend.