Saturday, October 5, 2013

Auctions, Birthdays and Ballets

This morning started off with visiting Daddy's work for their annual open house. It is the only time we get to see where he is all day, as he works for a company that has security that does not allow family to visit at other times... They hold an auction to raise money for Toys for Tots every year and this year the girls cleaned up! We won a homemade chocolate raspberry cake, a gift certificate to LLBean and (drum roll!!!) an outing on a lobster boat where you get to also keep the lobsters out of one the traps! Not quite sure how they figure our which trap you keep the haul from...the one that came up empty vs. the one that had 6 lobsters ;). Anyway - this should be a total blast when we schedule it!

Then while big brother and Daddy headed off to their soccer game (Daddy coaches), the girls and I celebrated their friend's birthday by seeing The Little Mermaid ballet!! What incredible dancing and fabulous costumes!!

Fun day of fundraising for a good cause, sports, experiencing the arts, bonding with friends, and just plain fun!

And I also got prepped for my adventure tomorrow...

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  1. That lobster trip will be awesome!

    1. Oh yes! My grandfather lobstered throughout his life. He has now passed but I have many memories of going lobstering with him. My kids have all been out with him but only my oldest remembers. I look forward to giving them this experience one more time...