Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Garden to Mouth

We are getting down to the last week or so of pulling carrots out of my garden. Next year, I plan to plant more. They are such an easy thing to grow - the difficulty is in being patient until they are big enough to actually be worth while. We kept checking them throughout the summer and being tempted to eat them when they were still small. Patience has paid off and we have some nice (relatively) big ones now - big for us, I mean.

Not bad.

This morning we also found a large cucumber - possibly the last one for this year - and some cherry tomatoes that were ready. I am waiting and crossing my fingers that a whole lot of green tomatoes that are just starting to turn orange will make it to edible status before we get a real freeze here in Maine.

Not a terrible pull for my tiny vegetable garden in mid September in New England.

Straight from the garden to the chopping block for lunch preparations...then the greens and scraps head straight out to the chicken coop for the girls!

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  1. Awesome! It is so satisfying to prepare a meal with ingredients that you just picked yourself!

  2. I love walking out to the garden to collect food for our meals, it is so satisfying. Hope you enjoyed it.

    1. Indeed we did enjoy... What is growing this fall for you?